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Go InDesign Pro in 5 Days!

tutorials , Go InDesign Pro in 5 Days!

InDesign Skills was made to give budding and experienced designers alike the inspiration and resources to improve their graphic design ability.

With many of us staying at home for the next few weeks, we wanted to help you dedicate some of that time to learning a new skill. Plus, we thought a bit of structure would help too!


We’ll work towards creating a business card in InDesign, in 5 bitesize tutorials over the course of the week. By Friday you’ll have an ultra-professional business card design, as well as having picked up key print design skills in InDesign, including:

Over the next week, we’ll help you create a professional business card from scratch. Each day, there’ll be a short video that takes you through document setup, layers, fonts, colour, and exporting your final design.

  • How to Make a Document for Print
  • How to Use Layers
  • How to Use Fonts and Format Typography
  • How to Apply Color
  • How to Export Your InDesign Document Ready for Print

We really hope you enjoy it, and would love to see what you come up with. 

PLUS Adobe is offering 2 months of free Creative Cloud. Yup, that’s right, totally free. Find out more here.

Take advantage and seize the chance to up your InDesign Skills!