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16 Cinematic Movie Poster Templates

templates , 16 Cinematic Movie Poster Templates

Get your popcorn at the ready! Set the scene with these atmospheric movie poster templates for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. These movie poster templates are stylish and super easy to edit.

Read on to discover our edit of the best InDesign and Photoshop movie poster templates from our partner, Envato Elements. Plus find a free InDesign poster template to help you create a stylish film poster on a tight budget.

Movie Poster Envato Elements

This movie poster template is minimalist, but reminiscent of The Godfather in a way, don’t you think? Comes with one PSD file that uses free fonts and prints in A3 size. Fully customizable, just add your photo, update your text, and you’re ready for print!


Rainy Desert Movie Poster Envato Elements

Rainy Desert is a beautiful movie poster template for students of film and graphic design! This one comes in A4 with a 3mm bleed, fully editable, easy to customize, and with free fonts and a help file. Every drop of text is editable!


Double Exposure Movie Poster Envato Elements

Simple, classic, and the perfect movie poster design for the first double exposure feature on our list — which is quite trendy these days, as you’ll see! Silhouette designs look amazing when up against a solid background like this. Includes PSD and AI files, fully layered, customizable, and editable. Artboard size is A4 with a bleed, and it’s print ready, baby!


Typographic Poster Template (FREE)

A free typographic poster template from InDesignSkills, this easy to edit InDesign poster template provides a stylish foundation for creating your own movie poster template. This FREE poster template will help you to advertise your movie with high-impact style.

InDesign Poster Template - free download. Simple graphic event poster with typographic layout.

Bloody Battle Movie Poster/Flyer Envato Elements

Bloody Battle movie poster template PSD is absolutely perfect for a war movie, or something of a space-driven Star Wars type film. Easily edited, A4 with a 3mm bleed and it’s ready to print as soon as you add your photos and edit the text.


Sci Fi Movie Poster 3 Envato Elements

This sci-fi movie poster generator combines the best of minimaist design, outer space, and is the perfect design for the next Star Wars film! Ideal for students of movies, media, and graphic design, too. Fully customizable and comes ready for A4 print with a 3mm bleed.


Double Exposure Movie Poster Envato Elements

Our next movie poster design is a monotone-ish double exposure style! Includes PSD and AI files, fully layered, customizable, and editable. Artboard size is A4 with a bleed, and it’s print ready at CMYK 300dpi.


Double Exposure Movie Poster Envato Elements

See the dancer within the dancer on this incredible double exposure movie poster template? This is what it’s all about, kids! Fully layered AI and PSD files with A4 + bleed, ready to print. Just change your images and you’re ready to go.


Double Exposure Movie Poster Envato Elements

Illustrating the thrilling theme of a movie isn’t always easy to do with just a movie poster template, but this double exposure style comes really close! Completely editable, layered A4 files for AI and PSD come in this one, ready to print at 300 dpi.


Double Exposure Movie Poster Envato Elements

Do you see the hand, or the face first, in this movie poster template? And what’s with that dark splotch? We’re loving the double exposure trend in movie poster design these days, and this one’s no exception. Check out the color scheme as-is, but know that it’s totally editable and customizable to fit whatever movie project you’ve got going on.


Double Exposure Movie Poster Envato Elements

Is she a dancer, or is she a possessed victim, being dragged through the air? Ideal for a movie like A Clockwork Orange or even Scarface, this movie poster template is easy to customize, comes in A4 for PSD and AI, and is fully layered and editable.

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Double Exposure Movie Poster Envato Elements

Easy to customize, well organized double exposure movie credits poster template is absolutely perfect for any film featuring dancers! We love this one because it’s easy to change the whole feel of the movie poster by way of what image you use inside the dancer’s silhouette! Comes in A4, ready to print PSD and AI files.


Sci Fi Movie Poster 2 Envato Elements

Inspired by classic, sci-fi era movie poster design of the 1980s, but with a modern twist, this minimalist movie poster template is perfect for advertising your film, outer space themed event, or even for creating a custom work of art for hanging up in your home! Comes with one very well organized PSD file in A4 with a 3mm bleed.


The Island Flyer Poster Envato Elements

Doesn’t this printable movie poster template remind you of the classic JAWS film in a way? We love the under-the-sea creepiness factor for sure. This one’s A4 with bleed and is 100% vector for both PSD and AI. Completely editable text and color, plus that pen tool will come in handy if you’d like to make any adjustments to the monster of the deep sea!


Double Exposure Film Poster Envato Elements

Reminiscent of the Star Wars movie poster design by Olly Moss, this double exposure movie poster template is absolutely stunning! Includes both PSD and AI files in A4 with bleed. Fully layered and fully customizable and editable, it’s print-ready for CMYK at 300dpi.


On The Edge Of The Earth Movie Poster/Flyer Envato Elements

This movie poster template PSD file is a sci-fi movie fan’s dream! It’s the perfect movie poster tempate for film students to use to portray their deep space war movies! It’s extremely well organized, fully editable, offers links to free fonts and is print ready.


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