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The Top 10 Free Fonts on

inspiration The Top 10 Free Fonts on isn’t necessarily the first place you’d go to to find free fonts. But if you know where to look you can find some incredible free typefaces, from polished serifs to cutting-edge geometric styles.

Here’s our edit of the 10 best fonts on

1. Typold

A rounded geometric sans serif, Typold has just the right dose of childlike playfulness. Use on branding and packaging designs to give instant optimism. best free fonts typold

2. Le Havre Layers

With Mid-Century and Art Deco references, Le Havre Layers is a more versatile, stylised version of the Le Havre typeface. You can download the Primary weight of the font for free here. best free fonts le havre layers

3. Aspira

A highly legible geometric sans serif, Aspira takes its cues from modernist signage and advertising. Available in a wide range of 113 styles, you can download the demo version for free here. best free fonts aspira

4. Le Havre Hand

Another branch of the Le Havre family, Le Havre Hand is the quirkier take on the type style. Use to bring hand-crafted charm to logos and signage. You can download the Hand Fill weight for free here. best free fonts le havre hand

5. Quasimoda

Unifying more traditional Grotesque styling with on-trend geometric elements, Quasimoda is at once both elegant and cutting-edge. Highly legible, you can download the Light weight for free here. best free fonts quasimoda

6. Simplo

Coined by its designers as the ‘Italian Futura’, Simplo is a stylish tribute to 1930s type styles. Ideally suited for display scale, blow up the free-to-download All Caps weight to make the most of this elegant font. best free fonts simplo

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7. Corsica

Looking for a geometric sans serif with a traditional twist? Corsica is simple and stylish, with classical flair. There’s no need to invest in the full family to take advantage—the versatile Regular weight is available for free here. best free fonts corsica

8. Quant Text

A rounded and chunky serif, Quant Text would be a great alternative to Garamond or Fournier for typesetting large sections of text. The Light weight is free to download on best free fonts quant text

9. Fibra

Inspired by Herb Lubalin’s Avant Garde typeface, Fibra is a friendlier, bouncier take on the classic rounded geometric style. With more than a dash of 90s flair, this would make the perfect font to use on retro-inspired designs. best free fonts fibra

10. HT Erato

Designed by Dieter Hofrichter in 2011, HT Erato has become a modern classic. A great alternative to old-school serifs, it’s highly readable and looks great set as body text or blown up to display scale. Go grab the Light weight for free pronto from best free fonts HT erato

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