The 10 Best Free Fonts on Font Squirrel

best free fonts font squirrel gilroy

Font Squirrel is a great resource for finding free commercially licensed fonts. But there’s no need to spend hours trawling through hundreds of type styles.

Here you’ll find our expert edit of the best ten fonts on Font Squirrel, which a) you won’t see used everywhere, b) look expensive and c) are completely free to download. It’s a win-win-win.

1. Spartan MB

Clean, geometric and inspired by 1960s Modernist typefaces, this versatile sans serif would suit corporate branding as much as design-forward layouts.

best free fonts font squirrel spartan MB

2. Bellefair

Our top pick from Font Squirrel’s serif offerings, Bellefair has a simple, easy elegance. With minimally-styled ligatures, its tall and breezy attitude would suit luxury branding or book design.

best free fonts font squirrel bellefair

3. Railway

Inspired by vintage transport signage, Font Squirrel favorite Railway is a cooler and more contemporary take on Gill Sans. Subtle quirks in the styling, such as the pleasingly sharp superscript dots give this font a bit of edge.

best free fonts font squirrel railway

4. Karla

Owing stylistic traits to Grotesque sans serifs like Helvetica, Karla is Font Squirrel’s take on the style with a rounder, friendlier feel. Use on your designs to give them a retro spin.

best free fonts font squirrel karla

5. Cagliostro

Inspired by the lettering designs of American type designer Ozwald Bruce Cooper, Cagliostro borrows from Art Nouveau and Art Deco, while maintaining a hand-drawn look. This undiscovered gem from Font Squirrel can be used on stationery designs and signage for an instant prettifying effect.

best free fonts font squirrel cagliostro

6. Theano Modern

Another addition to the growing Theano family, Font Squirrel offers Theano Modern is our top pick for balancing Didot-esque formality with modern proportions. This font would be the perfect partner for menus or high-end website design.

best free fonts font squirrel theano modern

7. Picadilly

Both rounded and geometric at the same time, Picadilly is a cheerful and playful take on the Gill Sans genre. Quirky slashes and diamond superscript dots make this a sans serif with a truly distinctive style.

best free fonts font squirrel picadilly

8. Orkney

Designed by foundry Hanken Design Co., Orkney is a jolly and bouncy geometric sans serif. Sharp edges balance against rounded letters, expertly juggling childlike style with a grown-up sentiment, thanks Font Squirrel!

best free fonts font squirrel orkney

9. Gilroy

Font Squirrel allows you to download two weights of Gilroy for free—Light and ExtraBold—giving you two contrasting styles to play with. A rounded font with a slightly 70s feel, this would be a sharp and stylish choice for logos or packaging design.

best free fonts font squirrel gilroy

10. Clarika

Available in two different styles, the minimal Geometric and more traditional Grotesque, Clarika could be the perfect sans serif (or at least our current favourite on Font Squirrel). Exceptionally versatile, you can use this font across body text or headers with equal impact.

best free fonts font squirrel clarika

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