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Book Cover Trend: An Aerial View

inspiration , Book Cover Trend: An Aerial View

Many of the most striking book covers you’ll spot on the shelf these days use a tried-and-tested formula—aerial photograph + minimal typography = a 3D design that looks incredible, with little effort involved.

This cover look is so easy to recreate in InDesign and you can get really creative with choosing pairings of striking photos and gorgeous fonts.

1. Healing Meals by Kyra de Vreeze

Cookbooks were some of the first to use aerial photos on covers, to showcase beautiful plates of food and colourful ingredients. Here, illustrator Anna Denise embellishes the author’s dramatic food photography with whimsical touch line art and hand-drawn typography.

Design: Anna Denise

indesign book cover design healing meals cookbook aerial photo

2. Catch and Release by Mark Kingwell

Helen Yentus’ cover design for Catch and Release elevates a photo with an everyday feel and makes it feel special and personal to the viewer. Classic typography (try New Century Schoolbook to imitate the look of the text) that slots perfectly into the white space provided by the photo gives that finishing touch.

Design: Helen Yentus

indesign book cover design aerial photo catch and release

3. Names for the Sea by Sarah Moss

Anna Green’s cover design for Icelandic study Names for the Sea makes a wonderful job of integrating an aerial photograph with the typography, with the human figure swimming over some of the letters that make up the title.

Try separating sections of your images into layers using Photoshop and place the images and text on separate Layers in InDesign to imitate this interactive design.

Design: Anna Green of Siulen Design

indesign book cover design names for the sea sarah moss aerial photo

4. Gabriel Garcia Marquez: The Early Years by Ilan Stavans

This truly stunning cover design by Art Director Jason Ramirez demonstrates how aerial photography and simple type can make such a good pairing for a cover design.

Discover the typeface used to create this design by checking out our recommendations for book cover fonts.

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Design: Jason Ramirez

indesign book cover design aerial photo gabriel garcia marquez

5. Mighty Spice by John Gregory-Smith

Another cookbook makes our list, and it’s no surprise when its cover looks this good. The photo extends all the way across the layout and leaves plenty of ‘white space’ for creating a bold slab serif heading at the top. Adding some generous Tracking to the type gives the design a clean, minimal look.

Design: Duncan Baird Publishers

indesign book cover design aerial photo mighty spice

6. Best Friends by Thomas Berger

Another example that demonstrates how type and photo can interact, and feel more like a unified whole. Designer John Fulbrook III personalises the photo with a note reading ‘A Novel’; making the design instantly attention-grabbing and quirky.

Design: John Fulbrook III

indesign book cover design aerial photo best friends thomas berger

7. The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly by Matt McCarthy

This cover design is so simple, using one strong image set on a bright background, and teaming it with super-minimal type. But it’s also incredibly effective, and surely the final proof that aerial photo + minimal typography = a winning book cover combination!

Design: Ben Wiseman

indesign book cover design aerial photo the real doctor will see you shortly

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