Creative Business Card Template

Colorful creative business design for branding agency. Colorul eighties inspired design, perfect for a graphic designer. Free download template.

A bold, creative business card template inspired by eighties designs. Created for Adobe InDesign, this creative business card template is free to download and easy to edit.

Retro design is back in fashion, this colorul wavey design has a cool eighties vibe. Pairing bold retro colours with simple modern fonts, this business card layout is a great fit or any professional in the creative industries.

See how your brand looks against two different color schemes, or drop in your own colors to match your branding. This template comes complete with the vector graphics included so it’s literally ready to print.

Business card size:

3.5″ x 2″


(Need a slightly different size? Learn how to resize this template )

Creative Business Card Template

Below you can preview the creative business card design with two different color schemes, download the InDesign file and read up on a few helpful tips for editing your template in InDesign.

Eighties business card layout. Wavey, graphic, colorful design for creatives. Free to download. Free Template for InDesign CC.Pink, turquoise and yellow business card design layout. Abstract colorful design - adobe InDesign layout - free download.Eighties (80s) inspired business card design for graphic design.Download this business card template for free (includes an INDD file for InDesign CC and IDML file for earlier InDesign versions):

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Free Fonts

Glacial indifference 

Help Working with InDesign Templates

We’ve put together a collection of helpful tips to make editing our InDesign Templates super easy. If you’re a newbie to Adobe InDesign it’s worth checking these out before starting work on your design.

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